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How do i get gay men on my space.?
how do i get gay ebony men on my space.
Go to search and specify that you are looking for Black men, then put in the zip code you are in, then specify that you are looking for gay only.
Question: i am addicted to ebony gay porn..?
but I am a female!!! Every day, I go to get my internet "fix" (check out the name...and no this isn't an ad for this website) and have purchased a couple of dvd's as well. The DVD's were okay, but didn't get played more than once before i tossed them. The more anal action, men being "broken in" and when i see that they are enjoying it and not just going throught the motions, the more turned on I get!! Is it weird for me to get off so much on ebony gay porn (regular porn does nothing for me, nor does lesbian porn)?
i do not know girl. I have the same problem. We should start a support group with just us two. I love gay porn!!!!!
What to put in a gift basket for a gay man?
If any of you have seen Gabriel Inglesias' racist gift basket video on youtube you'll appreciate this. If you haven't seen it, they put in watermelon, fried chicken, an ebony magazine etc. so stuff like that
I just need some typical things a gay man would want to put into a gift basket. So far I've come up with crest whitestrips and some green tea. Any more ideas???
scented candles, silk pjs
Why do some women constantly degrade the White males sexual prowess?
Serious, I know we all have small ones and you only like us for security and emotional support and that you need a black stallion for all you other needs but don’t you see how that turns white guys gay

I mean we get stuck with helping you pick out the dress, a royal pain

Then we have to buy the dress, there goes my paycheck

Then we have to tell you your butt doesn’t look big in the dress, an argument that can’t be won

Then we have to dry-clean the dress after your date with the ebony magic rod is complete

Then, then, we have to go to work and have crapped talked to us because my boss, Mr. big, gave you the "treatment"

Then we have to comfort and tend to your emotional needs after Mr. Bigs leaves you for some other white mans wife...

Don’t you think with all that considered you can stop telling us we suck in bed, I mean you made it pretty clear....?
If you seriously believe that blacks have bigger ***** then you are seriously misinformed. Stop looking at porn sites with grossed out augmentations.

My daughter is a doctor in South Africa's Albert Lathuli hospital. She says they are 99% within normal white limits.

A personal observation, is that blacks males seem to feel themselves a hang of a lot. Whereever you go they seem to lifting or adjusting the package. Well I wonder if your belief that they are big comes from the fact that they are permanently half hard.

Like the wild Bushman tribe of the Kalahari who have permanent stiffies. No joke this is 100% true.
What do you think about this?
Okay.For awhile ive been suffering from hocd.All my life a I thought i was straight.im 13.I reember i was specifically not attracted to men becausethey had nothing like *** or ****.I think i may be bi because after a year of this bullshit i told someone.i seemed tohave developed this fetish for feet and cock being jerked.is that normal.i personally think its gay but i dont think it nessaarilymakes me gay.im not afraid to admit i might be bi because i really dont give a **** about what other people think about it.its just that i was kind of a homophobe before.im also somewhat attracted tomuscular thighs but they dont really turn me on and give me erection.when i imagine having sex with a dude i dont get a ***** becuase thats ******* nasty shyt and i get hard off of girls.i mostly lyk women and i have a fetish for ebony.so, fellow americans, my question is, does this make me bi gay or bicurious or straight with a cock fetish.i wont let anything you guys say get to me permeanately because alot of you are internet tough guys who jus lyk to **** with people and i have ocd so anything you say will really cling to my brain so be careful because i might think about it for the next year.im ot attracted to boys in school.i feel lyk i may be losing my attraction for girls but i know thats border line impossible and its jsu my ocd.anyway is it normal to have a fetish for jerked cock because it started when i began jerking off which im about to do later and when i checked out some tranny porn the other day.its really confusing though because the idea of sticking my dick up a man with a nice *** like batista jus doesnt apeal to me.neither does me giving him oral handjob or anything.if i imagine a dude jerking i can get off on that.i do think thats extremely gay i will admit it i might be bi but if you think so jus tell me staright up im 13 and i act 87 so ill try my best to handle the truth.I CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH.its jus so confusing.sex with a man jus doesnt appeal to me but i admire the body.i think some other guys may have this too but theyre not open about it because boys in my school do really gay things lyk tea bagging saying they lyk balls and other ****.some boy walked up to me today and was jus lyk i lyk ball do you lyk balls.h emighta jus been joking but i hope not because i hate to feel alone.any tell me what you think.
Well based on what you posted, I think you just have a foot fetish and like hand jobs.

Foot fetish is really common, although some men won't admit it. Are you attracted to female feet in high heels, or that are well taken care off? Do you get an erection off of that? If so, nothing to be worried about. After breats, and asses, legs and feet are the most common arousal features of the girl.

And about penises turn you on when they are jerked, it just seems you like hand jobs. You said it yourself that you don't get an erection of having sex with guys. If this is the case, then your not gay because if you were, you would get an erection, and not think it was nasty.

I'm no sex therapist but I just think you have foot fetish (which is nothing to be worried about, same thing as having an admiration of *** or breats) and a thing for hand jobs.

O, on a side note, masturbation to transexuals doesn't make you gay. Shemales (as what they are called in the porn scene) are targeted to straight man. Think of it this way..guys like girl on girl action correct? Shemale on female is just girl on girl, with 1 girl having a strap on dildo.

Besides, Shemales are as feminine as girls, and if transexuals are your thing, then you would be attracted to a "girl" not a guy.

Hope I helped.
White guys black girls?
i tried to already post this but it keeps goin to da gay site but anyways is there any strong ebony women that would wunt a white man for a husband a partner in life man is that possible i wunt a beautiful black women but would one ever wunt my white ***
How does my story sound so far?
It's basically about this guy called Harry who is kicked out of his house and goes to live with his brother. His brother then finds him a job working for this really eccentric 30 something year old (Harry's 23). Harry then starts falling in love with his boss who is called Jonathon. It's set in Victorian times when being gay was illegal. Here's a bit of it, please say what you honestly think about it. Thanks! x

Jonathon once told me it’s a dog eat dog world out there. At first I didn’t understand what he meant. I don’t think he fully understood it either. But now I do. We both do. But at this point in my story I didn’t know Jonathon; he was just another stranger in the street. He is in my story though, but not yet. He comes in later.
For now it is just me. No Jonathon, no Marie, no anyone. Just me telling my story. And all stories must have a beginning. Mine is the day I was kicked out of my lodgings. That was how it all started when I think about it. So yes, I shall start there.
I worked for a Mister Craig O’Hareling, a pawn broker in the East area of London. It wasn’t a big shop, in fact it was tiny. But we still managed to make enough money to keep it going. I didn’t get paid money for my job. Mister O’Hareling didn’t make enough for that. Instead, he offered me lodgings in his attic in return for my work. I knew I wouldn’t get another chance at work and accepted. I grew good at my job and Mister O’Hareling was pleased with me. Unfortunately, there was an incident. A young lady accused me of molesting her in the shop which, I protested, was not true. But Mister O’Hareling wanted nothing more to do with me and sent me out of his shop and home without a second’s thought.
So there I was, homeless and hungry. Nowhere to go, I thought to myself. But then I remembered my brother George. He had connections running all over London and he would surely be able to get me a job elsewhere. So off I trudged through the darkened streets to George’s house. I say house, but the word mansion would be more suitable. Where I had failed at whatever I chose, George had succeeded with the utmost ease. It was just the sort of man he was.
When I arrived at his “house”, the door was opened for me by Jeremy the butler. He led me into the hall and asked me politely to wait while he fetched my brother. I stood there for five minutes staring at the many paintings and decorations before my brother entered, a huge smile on his face.
“Brother!” he cried. “What brings you here?” He came up to me and clasped my hand in a firm handshake.
“Ah”, I sighed. “I was recently fired from my job and lodgings and need a place to stay.”
“No problem at all. I’ll have Jeremy show you to your room. Now”, he added, eyeing the small bag I was clutching, “where are the rest of your things?”
“This is all”, I replied curtly. George didn’t seem to realise not everyone was as well off as him.
“Oh! Well never mind about that. Tomorrow we shall go out and buy you some new clothes.”
“Thank you”, I said politely, feeling intimidated.
Jeremy took me to my bedroom for the next week or so. It was a large room with dark green walls, ebony wooden furniture and a large four poster bed in the middle of the room. I had never stayed in anything quite as grand. I place my bag on the bed and began to unpack my few belongings. Then I returned downstairs for dinner.
George talked the whole way through as I silently ate my food, nodding and shaking my head when appropriate. Eventually it was over and we both departed to our rooms. I quickly changed into my bed clothes and got into the bed, suddenly realising how tired I actually was. My eyes became heavy with sleep and I began to drift off into a deep sleep.
It's pretty boring, and it's slow and emotionless.


"Thank you", I said politely, feeling intimidated.


That would be properly written as:

"Thank you," I said politely, feeling intimidated.


The comma is WITHIN the quotation marks.


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